Ensuring the supply of spare parts to Portugal and Spain in under 18 hours since 1993.

We specialize in express shipments of almost any specifications and dimensions from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands – Approved Regulated Agent; Reg.No.: DE/RA/00385-01.


We specialize in Europe-wide cross-border express delivery for industry customers!

Since 1993, Europe-wide express logisitics in under 18 hours has been one of our areas of expertise .

Our approach is an individual delivery concept based on door-to-door time with constant or higher delivery reliability, thereby creating higher savings for our customers.

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For over 25 years, global market leaders have put their trust in our services

Your customer has a machine down and urgently needs a spare part?

This is how it works with us as your partner:

  • The contract for the delivery of spare parts is awarded
  • The spare parts are collected in Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands
  • The spare parts are shipped, quickly and securely
  • Just 18 hours later, delivery in Spain or Portugal to agreed address is completed
  • The spare parts can be installed directly and your customer can resume production without delay

This effectively reduces inventory and storage costs and increases delivery reliability.

Our in-house specialists will be happy to assist you in increasing your SAVINGS.

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