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Bspw.: Groupage to the Iberian Peninsula
Spain, Portugal, and Islands

Our prime discipline – groupage!

Since 1993, the highest priority of CB Logistik is our tightly synchronized network in Spain and Portugal, including the islands. Several departures a day ensure that our client’s groupage is picked up and delivered on time.
Additionaly, we make sure the average individual age of our fleet is less than 2 years.

Europe-wide network!

In Spain and Portugal alone, we have a fleet containing several dozen vehicles. Fixed contracts with nurous haulage companies ensure timely collection and delivery. In addition, our own fleet is making deliveries for our clients every day.

Advantages of our approach, for example on the Iberian Peninsula:

Permanent online access to shipments & overall control throughout the entire process

Intermediate access to storage in our own hubs & our oartner hubs at any time during the process

– Processing of returns is possible at any time as well

On-point delivery on fixed dates
Departures to and from Spain/Portugal several times a day
Efficient freight rates regarding Thermo / Thermo + ADR / Semitrailers up to  40.000 kg